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BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES - Sustainable Development Agency

Strategy, Planning & Public Policies

Value Chain Process & Economic Development

1.- BioEconomy & ZERO Emission

"Bioeconomy and Rural Development"Development and Enabling of new Protein Nutritional Products for Human Consumption, Development of Products for Animal Feed and Nutrition; Others BioProducts: BioFeeding, Biofuels, Biomaterials, BioPlastics, BioTextiles, Sanitizers, Baits for the Biological Control of Agro Pests, Enzymes for Environmental Bioremediation, etc.

2.- BIOTECH Plants & LABs

"KNOWLEDGE and INNOVATION"Microbiology Laboratories and Biotechnology Plants, for the transformation of substrates of biological origin without commercial value, into Protein Nuclei for the Nutritional Protein supplementation of Foods for Human Consumption, Balanced Foods, BioFuels, BioMaterials, Biological Control of Agricultural Pests, etc.


- ADDED VALUE at ORIGIN -Plants for Protein Supplementation and Fortification of finished products (Fason)Production Plants on an Industrial Scale for Food for Human Consumption, Plants for the Production of Protein Nuclei for Animal Nutrition [BioFeeding], BioFuel Plants, BioMaterials Plants: BioTEXTILES, BioPlastics, Environmental Bioremediation, etc.


Protein Nutritional Products:Development and Enabling of new Protein Nutritional Products for Human Consumption, Development of Products for Animal Feed and Nutrition; Others Products: BioFeeding, Biofuels, Biomaterials, BioPlastics, BioTextiles, Sanitizers, Attractive Baits for the Biological Control of Agro Pests, Enzymes for Environmental Bioremediation, etc.

5.- NUTRITIONAL Programs

Protein Nutritional Plans and ProgramsNational Protein-Nutritional Programs; Child Nutrition, Schoolchildren, Pregnant Women, Older Adults, Malnutrition, Obesity, Celiac, Enteral Nutrition, Parenteral Nutrition, Nutritional Health Programs: World Food Program (UN); Oncological Nutrition, Nutrition for the Inunidepressed, etc.

6.- Marketing, TRADE & SALES

EXPO, TRADE & COMEXNutritional Protein Plans and Programs; Protein Nutritional Products; Agro, Nutritional Health, Strategic Alliances, Biotechnology Plants, Know-How; BioProjects, etc Own Fairs, Events and Exhibitions, Global Marketing Network and sales of products, programs and services.-


Logistics, Transportation & COMEXLogistics and Multimodal Transport Platforms for Foreign Trade; Bonded Warehouses, WareHouse, Free Zones, Special Customs Areas, Ports, Airports, Railways, Trucks, Logistics Services for obtaining, receiving, stockpiling, and regional, international and remote distribution.

8.- Capital, BANKING & FINANCE

Investments, Banking and FinancingInvestment projects, capital contributions, partnership opportunities, cooperation and strategic alliances; private public participation; public policies, banking for productive development and promotion of exports related to the bioeconomy; Innovation and Knowledge: Capital Angel, Venture Capital.

Strategic BioPlants Network in Brazil

Development of Regional Economies based on the BioEconomy and strengthen Rural Development; Applying solutions and capacities of the Knowledge Economy and the Circular Economy "
Desenvolvimento de Economias Regionais com base na BioEconomia e fortalecimento do Desenvolvimento Rural;Aplicando soluções e capacidades da Economia do Conhecimento e da Economia Circular.
  • The bioplants of the Brazil network contain biotechnological processes for the development of food products for human consumption, animal nutrition; so as other bioproductos so biofuels, bioplastics, biomaterials, or agriproducts for the biocontrol of agricultural pests, originating from biological substrates of local and regional economies..

  • They are strategically distributed in the country, in order to be able to capture the greatest amount of raw materials at neutral cost, (Fruits, Vegetables, Vines, Melasses, dairy, fishing discard, etc) since they are discarded because they do not have a price within the commercial and / or industrial circuit, which represent billions of kilos per day.

  • These plants for the concentration of renewable resources and the transformation of waste from the food and other industries, guarantee the final destination and its biotechnological transformation.

  • Plants for the production of concentrates and finished by-products for animal feed and agricultural products such as ecological fertilizers.

  • We will make our own cultures of lace for protein concentrate in special and own formulations.

  • Own plantations of crops of Rapeseed, Quinoa, wheat and other products related to the intended formulations.

  • Cooperation agreements with universities and hospitals for the research and development of specific products.

  • Recovery of algaess and Sargassum from the coast of the Brazilian maritime coast, which will be used to obtain biofuel, fibers and biotechnological transformation to the protein concentration state for animal use and fertilizer; or especial enzimes for bioremediation of soils and/or contaminated soil from the oil and mining industry.

  • Each BioPlant will have SBL3 and SBL2 laboratories, for the inoculation and development of various products.

  • Collection and forwarding of specific concentrates to the MATRIX Plant to obtain new Food products, Alcohols, Fuels, Fibers, Trace elements, Vitamins, Minerals and others.

  • Recovery of the water contained in raw materials, to be processed for industrial and / or commercial reuse.

VALUE CHAIN: Regional Rural Development

Transformation of Biological Substrates .:. Transformación de Sustratos Biológicos







8.- PARÁ


EQUIPO - TEAM - About Us

Matéria Prima: Substratos de Origem Biológica

Frutas e resíduos de produtos, sem valor comercial

Raw Material: Substrates of Biological Origin

Discarded fruits, without commercial value

Cana-de-açúcar e melaço

- Sugarcane & MELAZA -

Indústria de FRUTA

- FRUITS Industry & Loss -

Frutas Tropicais

Tropical Fruits

Legumes e Verduras

Vegetables & Greens

Resíduos da Indústria Cervejeira

Brewing Industry Waste


Milk & Dairy Industry Loss


Algae & Sargazo

Descarte de Pesca

Fishing Industry

Petróleo e Hidrocarbonetos

Oil and Hydrocarbons

Brazil NEWS